Welcome to Chez Provence. Let us introduce ourselves. We are Patricia and Jack Gould, two retired school teachers who fell in love with France and in particular Provence more than 20 years ago.

Provence is rich in history. First colonised by the Greeks and Phoenicians in 600BC. It absorbed and was enriched by later waves of Romans, north Africans, Saracens and all the traders of the Middle East – a true Mediterranean mix.

The people of Provence today reflect this wonderful and varied history. On our visits to this sunny southern part of France Pat and I were captivated by the colours of the Mediterranean, the country markets, the perched villages of Luberon the fun of the riveria and the glorious cotton products that we invariably found in every village we visited. These rich colourful cottons epitomise the life style of the people of provence.

In 2001 we were lucky enough to find a small family factory in Nice which was willing to export these famous products to Australia. Since then we have formed a fruitful, friendly and very close relationship with this factory which greatly benefits our customers in Australia and New Zealand.

Some Advantages for our Australian and New Zealand Customers

1. Pat and I visit the factory in Nice every 15 months or so in order to acquaint ourselves with new products and styles that invariably emerge every visit.

2. We import directly from the Nice factory and do not go through agents. This is a real cost saving for you, our customers.

3. Our prices are the most competitive in Australia and New Zealand and we are determined to keep them so. We would rather increase turn over than increase price.

4. Having a close relationship with our factory means that we can have products made to your specifications in rectangular table cloths.

5. We have a shop in Eumundi Square, Eumundi Markets one of the largest markets in Australia where we trade every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.

and, of course, you can order our products online.